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The world
is your exercise-book, the pages
on which you do your sums.
It is not reality,
although you can express reality there
if you wish.

You are also free
to write nonsense,
or lies,
or to tear the pages.

In the last decade in the centre of human development it was the creation of the balance. To learn how to equilibrate our family and work life, to bring into balance our outer and inner world became the main preoccupation of our daily life. We understood that this balance that we can form with our life style, can lead us to tranquillity, mental peace and force, and releases us from the power of stress and illness. To reach the outer and inner peace, many turn to spirituality instead of religion. The Reiki is one of these spiritual ways, a personality cultivation based on initiation, and it is one of the curing forms that are made by hand laying. The Reiki –energy is that intelligent vitality, which helps us restore our mental, psychic and physical balance.

The expression Reiki comes from a Japanese word composition, of which first part – the REI – means universal, cosmic, divine, spiritual, saint, and the second part – the KI – means energy, vitality which is present everywhere in the universe. By reading these two syllables together we understand what this word composition really means: Spiritual Energy, Universal Energy, Divine Power, or Universal Vital Energy. These expressions are not new in any way, the vital energy is a known concept all over the world. In China it is called chi, the Hindi called it prana, the Egyptians ka, the Greeks pneuma, the Sufis barakka. Hippocrates mentioned it as the “nature’s healing power”, Paracelsus called it numia, Hermes Trismegistos telesma, Dr. Wilhelm Reich orgon, the Russian scientists bio plasma energy, the general para researchers the fifth energy, and the modern science calls it cosmic energy, and the list could go on. Every name has its own characteristic, they all differ from the other, from the age, the place that were used in, but they all harmonize, like a big family, they describe the same power. The Reiki wasn’t else, but that all penetrating force, that has the same age as humanity, was always known and was always present on Earth. One and indivisible. The Reiki is not a religion, but propagates the foundation of every primeval religion, Love. It is present in every sensitive and insensitive phenomenon of the world. For it everything is alive and respectable. From this particularity comes that Reiki is not a nature therapeutic method, but the way to become men.

How does it work? Simply and naturally. It impresses the body-soul-spirit as one, puts end to trouble, illness. Helps us love ourselves again. Helps us surmount the yawning gulf between us and our environment, that we created during our life, and recreates the original harmony.

The Reiki works differently on every person, it shows its effect in the way and at the place the person really needs it. The Reiki creates balance, helps us discover and understand the causes of our illness. Supports all kinds of healing processes, eases the pain, and makes it easier to bear stress and difficult situations. Restores the balance of body and soul, slows up negative feelings and thinking, helps overcome anger and fear. Stimulates creativity and efficiency. Helps and harmonizes the development of personality and contributes in harmonizing our relationships with people. The REIKI is not a belief, not a religion, it doesn’t have dogma, rules, prohibitions, conditions and rites, in the same time gets along well with any kind of ideology and teaching. Helps in everything, doesn’t sets a limit in anything. The Reiki is one of the most pure, most wonderful ways, which leads you through getting to know yourself better, to get to know the world better, because Reiki is a gaze in wonderment on the world. The Reiki is life itself.

The stories about the origins of Reiki are based upon oral tradition, which spread from master to master and from master to disciple. In our days many versions of the Reiki origin tales are known. The system known today was founded/ rediscovered by Mikao Usui, he named the energy Rei-Ki. Maybe we will never find out the truth about Sensei Usui’s life. Everything that we know about his biography is like a puzzle, made of small pieces, and there are many dark spots, the informations sometimes reaches the mysticism. Sensei Usui was born on the 15th of August, 1865, in Japan. From his notes comes to light that he loved to learn, he was a believer in livelong learning. His favourite subjects were the healing, psychology, poetry. During all his life he never declined in his spiritual self training. On the last day of one of his 21 day long solitary fast and meditation on the Kurama Mountain, he had a meditation experience. In this broadened state of mind obtained Usui the knowledge and ability that he later called Reiki and later hand passed to its disciples. The mentor Usui soon took disciples and handed over his initiation method to the people wordy of it. He had many disciples, among them was Chujiro Hayashi. On this branch reaches later the Reiki the western world, on Mrs. Hawayo Takata’s intervention, who was conferred master by Hayashi. For today the Reiki became a world known movement.

After Takata’s death in 1980 it was a big confusion among his disciples about the true/ authentic teaching. Today, in the world, there are many trends and versions, each with its own initiating methods. Some mentors organized themselves into associations, others teach independently. Goes on living the Reiki’s traditional branch that represents the original descendant line’s (Usui - Hayashi – Takata) teaching system and essence.

Because I am also the disciple and master of this traditional line, this page is mainly for those interested in the traditional Reiki line, but I also hope that anyone else can find useful informations in it.
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