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"The wave
It seems to be stormy
one moment
but next moment it is calm.
The wave in the ocean and the human society
is so much alike."

Do not anger !

Anger actually is a totally unnecessary feeling. The anger, as most of the feelings that presents itself unsuitably, is coming from the feeling of guilt that we feel, because we separated ourselves from the Universal conscience. To rage means to want to be in control, and this comes from the fact that we feel that things got out of our hands, that we are out of synch with our divine or universal life purpose - writes Paula Horan.

It is nothing wrong with anger, only it shows that we are trying to swim against the normal tide, and that things are not going as expected. It is better to let anger go immediately, but still if we “go with the tide”, try to make yourself realize, that you are the master of the game, you are making the rules and the bounds. Your environment is a mirror for you, so that you will be able to weigh were you are going in your life. Your “enemies” are your real friends: they show your weaknesses, your old habits and help you change the negative patterns. If you can catch your feelings, how and why did they come into being, their power diminishes.

Next time you become furious, try to catch that moment, and radiate love from yourself. It is hard to be furious, if you smile in the meantime. Maybe the other returns your smile. Be happy for your life so that life may be happy for you.
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