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"Above the clouds
the sky is always blue"

Do not worry !

The worry is the fear of change. The person always wants to feel good, nice; we enjoy pleasant things, we stick to them, we want to avoid the unpleasant ones. People generally forget about the power of their minds, of their thoughts. They are capable to feed their fears with enormous quantity of energy, they live their weekdays in fear and than shrug their shoulders yielding: “I told you so”. But if they let go a little of their selves, they’ll feel relieved finding out that their fearful dragons are really nothing else but clouds blown by the wind.

If you fear life, you fear yourself. You must know, that everyone acts in the best way he can, with the knowledge or wisdom available in the given moment. It is a pity to worry about yesterday and fear for tomorrow. You better be aware of “only today” of your life and believe that world will not fall apart, if you put your fears away a little more.

The biggest wisdom is to admit that you don’t have anything to fear of.
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