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"You are led
through your lifetime
by the inner learning creature,
the playful spiritual being
that is your real self.

Don't turn away from possible futures
before you're certain you don't have anything
to learn from them. "

When I first met with the Reiki (I read about it in a book) I realized with a little disappointment that it doesn’t work alone. This cannot be learned from a book. The Reiki is a system based on attunements, and these attunements are received by the disciple through the master. These attunements can be done only by initiated masters. The main characteristic of the traditional line is that these attunement-ceremonies remained unchanged, and every master can trace back its “line of descent” back to master Usui.

You can call these Reiki attunements ceremonies. On the way of spiritual development the initiations have a very important role. They create the possibility that those who reached a defined level of consciousness to be able to keep going on their spiritual way, and in the same time to “exclude” those that are not yet prepared for the changes. The person who gets through an initiation goes through a process that has remaining emotional effects on the person’s later life. This effect can be a change visible for a permanent consciousness, or it can be an unconscious charge, that doesn’t or only surfaces from time to time. During the Reiki initiation ceremony a Reiki-master with the help of an ancient method transmits energy to a disciple who is in a highly increased receiving state. This energy works in the way that the disciple creates on the top of his head an open channel for the cosmic energy that pours in, that he can use during the treatments in the future. Besides this increases the vibration numbers of the body, and this starts a 21 day long purification process, this happens because the persons energy begin to work faster and the energy obstacles and almost takes of himself the negative activity patterns.

Today’s traditional Reiki has three levels, though it wasn’t this way in Usui’s time. Then the master lived with the disciple and along with his development he received the teachings step by step and so he went up on the Reiki’s stairs. It wasn’t any defining part in the teaching. If the master considered that the person was proper for stepping forward, that person could advance unobserved and become a master. The first person who divided the Reiki to stages was Hayashi, so that he could weigh his disciples’ commitment, their spiritual enlightenment and mental development. Later on, Mrs. Takata kept the initiation process taken from Hayashi, because she considered it good and applicable in the western world. She organized the initiation process into three stages, and this way she and her disciples naturalized it in the world.

Nowadays the courses are limited mostly to weekends. But shouldn’t anybody think that during this time he will become omniscient. The main role of the courses is to hand over the basic information and to tune on. In reality the master shows the door, puts the door handle into the disciples’ hand, but it is up to the disciple to cross the doorstep.

The attunements effect is different on everyone, it depends what kind of vibration level the person has in the moment when he receives the attunements. “If you are working on for a long time to become more conscious, and you reached a higher vibration level, then as a consequence of the attunements you can make a “seven miles” step forward, towards a higher level. For a person who just begins to work on changing his consciousness could also be a “seven miles” step, but his energy won’t strike out. And what is so wonderful in Reiki, is that, even after the “seven miles” step that was caused by the attunements, you can still grow your vibration levels!”
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