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"The nine storeys tower is started
to be built with one row of bricks.
The thousand miles trip
begins with the first step."

The participants to the first course receive four attunements and through this they connect to the Reiki energy. These attunements help to transform the receivers’ vibration level, so that more energy could flow through their body. Though the attunements are not done on physical body, but this stage mainly concentrates on the physical body, which responds to this with receiving and transmitting a bigger quantity of vitality.

The mentioned initiations clean especially four energy centres (chakras):

  1. tuning of the heart centre: revives the love without any conditions;

  2. tuning of the throat centre: opens our interior being towards responsibility and communication;

  3. tuning of the third eye: awakens the possibility of the intuition, of a more profound knowledge and the connection with the divine universal energy’s will;

  4. tuning of the crown chakra: connects us with this higher form of energy and spiritual consciousness.

After the attunement rituals of the first stage the participants are able to channelize the Reiki energy, for treating themselves and others.

The Reiki is a very simple method if you utilize it. No intellectual effort is necessary to attain it, even children can learn it. During the course the participants get acquainted with the history of Reiki, its philosophy and much other useful information. They receive their attunements, they learn the hand positions of direct treating, and they have the opportunity of both collective and individual practice.

As an effect of the Reiki attunements it begins a 21 day long purification process, as a consequence of this the accumulated roughage leaves the organism and many suppressed problems surface.

The first level of the Reiki is attainable for anybody. This can be the first step toward us, towards reaching the balance.
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