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"I look but I don’t see.
I listen but I don’t hear.
I grasp but I can’t hold.
I go towards it and I can’t meet its beginning.
I go after it and I can’t found its end anywhere."

In contrast with the first level, this level is not proposed and it can be given to anybody that accomplished the first. There are persons who don’t feel its necessity, there are others who are not ripe for it. In reality this has to be “deserved”. Of course not a committee or the master decides of it; this is not a question of good will, it is a question of maturity. The applicants are not guided by curiosity, rather it is an inner constraint.

The second level helps us penetrate into ourselves, and gives us more effective instruments to discover and integrate ourselves. The attunement ritual grow considerably the energy flow, and besides the physical level it shows its effect also on mental level. By this attunement the spiritual changes come forward against the first level’s physical focusing.

During the course the participants repeat the informations of the first level and than they can get acquainted among others with the Reiki’s first three symbols of four, and learn to use these. By using the symbols there is a possibility to take off the limits of time and space and canalize the energy.

After the attunement another 21 day long purification process follows, and continues the body’s purification, but it gets a more important role the spiritual and mental purification. The second level helps us live our lives consciously without any tension, and come closer and closer to our real self. But you can go forward on this road only by your own.
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