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"The way I know this doctrine
is the way you know the doctrine.
So become calmly your own master,
your own initiated."

The third level is the so called “master” degree. But nobody should be mistaken, not from these attunements is becoming the person master. Maybe it would be more correct in many cases to be called “teacher”. He will only become a master when he will be accepted as one. He can not name himself master.

It is a big responsibility to be master and make someone a master. That is why only a small fraction of the initiated persons enters this stage.

The third level is purely personality developing, and it concerns only those, that consider their calling the Reiki and they want to share it with others unselfishly. During the long learning process, teaching the disciples and learning from them during the confrontations they become masters. He never gives personal solution to the problem, only advice and possibility. He only makes the person curious, sets the off and helps.

The person who finishes this level commits itself that it will practice, teach but in the first place it will live the Reiki.
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