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"A speck of dust means the world
And a wild flower the sky
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And live the millennium in a minute."

The participants of the courses have a very frequent question, which is “how does the Reiki work?”. The answer: “simply”. The attuned persons are like a channel for the Reiki energy. During the Reiki sessions the channelling person lays his palm on the “receiver” and if it’s necessary, the energy begins to flow.

During Reiki you don’t have to concentrate! You cannot control this energy anyway. It always flows where is more needed and in an amount that the receiver needs that.

It is recommended to do Reiki systematically (if possible daily), mainly to yourself. Of course this does not mean that you should not help others, if you are able to. But you can only help others if you put yourself in balance.

If you can, do the Reiki properly: find a calm, quiet, well aired place, try to turn off every source of noise; you can light a candle, a joss stick and if you feel like you can put on comfortable meditation music too. Before you start, wash your hands and your face, take of the jewellery. Of course the Reiki would work without all these, and its effect would not be lesser, but these “ceremonial” preparations help you reach the proper state of mind. It is helpful during the therapy, if the Reiki person is in a peaceful, calm state of mind, but this is not by all means necessary for the “success”.

During the Reiki session our intuition leads us. The palms are easily laid on the body, but you can hold them a few centimetres further. You have to “listen” to the hands, they always give signals. You will feel if in a particular position Reiki it’s needed or not. Your hands may show different illnesses, energy obstacles, so on. But we never give a diagnostic!!! Make sure that the treated person does not lose contact with the traditional cure. This is not your work. The Reiki does not substitute the doctor, but completes very well different kind of healing therapies, and it can save lives. It can happen that during systematic therapy the treated person can give up its medicine, but this has to be his decision, next to proper medical consultations. We do not have to lose the sight of that the Reiki means dealing firstly with ourselves. If you restore the inner balance, the causes of illness stop existing and with this the sickness too. One can only create, restore its own inner balance, he can only help others to reach this.

During the courses the masters give a proposed order for the entire treatment. Though in the Reiki system left behind by Sensei Usui the hand positions used nowadays were not present, during long years of experimenting it was shown that the energy flows more easily, if we position our hand on the parts of the body or above them. If it’s possible it is proposed to do the entire treatment. During the whole Reiki treatment every important organ, energy centre gains life power energy, and so gradually the order is restored. In the same time the immune system becomes stronger, the heart’s, liver’s and kidney’s function gets better. It begins the cleaning of the body, the blocked energies are relieved. Loosens the body, relieves stress and improves the general state of health. And you can keep enumerating its effects…
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