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During the courses the masters give a proposed order for the entire therapy. Though in the Reiki system left behind by Usui the hand positions used now days were not present, during long years of experimenting it was shown that the energy flows more easily, if we position our hand on the parts of the body or above them. If it’s possible it is proposed to do the entire therapy. During the whole Reiki therapy every important organ, energy centre gains life power energy, and so gradually the order is restored. In the same time the immune system becomes stronger, the heart’s, liver’s and kidney’s function gets better. It begins the cleaning of the body, the blocked energies are relieved. Loosens the body, relieves stress and improves the general state of health. And you can keep enumerating its effects…

Though in the Reiki there are no rigid rules, here are the wide spread hand positions and the effect of these (without the intention to be exhaustive):

eyes: relaxing, anxiety relieving . Helps the clarity of thoughts, the intuition and meditation. It’s good in case of nose cavity, eye, teeth and jaw problems. Balances the functioning of the pinual and pituitary gland. (7th and 6th chakra).
temple: improves memory, coordinates the two brain hemispheres and increases creativity. Helps in case of head- and ear aches, stroke. (7th chakra)
ears: there are dozens of acupuncture points on the auricle, that influence the functioning of the entire body that is why this hand position is considered to be very important. In many cases it can be suitable for first aid too. It gets the energy to every part of the body, relieves confusion, psychic deafness
back of the head: loosens, calms the spirit. It helps in case of cerebellum and spinal cord problems, but it can also help in case of head injuries and eye problems too.
neck: improves the self confidence, joy for life and self esteem. Helps to express yourself, helps relief the anger, the spite and resentment. It is good in case of throat, tonsil, and thyroid gland problems, dysfunction of the metabolism, and communication difficulty.
thymus: strengthens love, trust, harmony and the joy of life. It has effect on the thymus, and helps in case of lung, heart and lymphatic system’s problems.
plexus solaris: helps escape fear and stress, reduces the fear and the stress. It is good in case of heart-, stomach-, intestine disorders, digestion complaints and haemophilia.
belly button: fills you up with energy. It can be used in case of gall bladder, gall stone, large- and small intestine problems, also in case of ulcers, cramps, sexual and menstruation problems.
liver: helps cure frustration, fear and depression, clean the body from alcohol and drugs, in case of diseases of the liver, bill and gall bladder.
the left/right lungs: it has effect on the chest, glands, lungs, heart, the cysts and tumours in the chest. It has good effect on nursing mothers.
spleen: helps cure the frustration and fear, strengthens the self esteem and self confidence. It is effective in case of sugar-, spleen-, pancreas-, contagious illnesses, inflammations.
lumbar V: strengthens creativity and flexibility, relieves sexual fears, strains, and the fears of death and life. It is good for sexual and weight problems, but also for the ovary, womb, prostate, bladder and digestive tract.
shoulders: it has a relaxing effect, relieves the strains in the shoulders. It is good in case of spine and throat problems.
kidney: it has effect on the plexus the kidneys, and adrenal glands. It helps to detoxicate, relieves the shock conditions, the agoraphobia and fear of high places, and keeps away bad thoughts.
sacral region: increases self confidence and helps to let go of yourself happily. It has effect on the spine problems, hip joint- and nerve inflammations and to the urine genital system.
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