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Because the Reiki supports every kind of life process, you can do Reiki without exception on anything that is related to life or life processes. That is everything that is alive or inanimate.

Animals: Every animal loves the Reiki, they are very sensitive to it, and they know which part of their body needs it. Because of this they try to place themselves so that our hands reach the proper part of their body. In case of big or dangerous animals it is suggested the distance Reiki or filling their food and water with Reiki.

Plants: we can do Reiki on cut or pot plants, trees, shrubs or any kind of plants that come to our mind. Their treatment is easy: we take the plant, the leaves or the pot between our hands. But we can energise the water and this way we give energy to the plants indirectly.

Lifeless objects: as strange as it may sound, we can energise these things too. They will function more easily, fine, and they will last longer. They repay the time spent on them. You can recharge your favourite crystal with energy and by carrying it you can enjoy its effects. But you can also energise the food, the drink (recharges them with extra energy, gives them better taste), the medicine (decreases the damaging effects), and so on.

The possibilities are infinite. You have to have the courage to experiment.
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