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The more you’ll practice the Reiki, the more sensitive to fine energies you’ll become, and so it will set up more easily the perception system that will show you what you are dealing with. In the same time it is important for you to know that these signs are only for you. Don’t give diagnostics (especially if you don’t have this kind of qualifications)!

What kind of perception it can be and what do they mean?

Pins and needles, pinches: generally refers to inflammation, but if this is chronicle or acute, you can sense that only directly. It can also mean lack of energy.

Sense of cold: it can be an old energy obstacle, that influences the vitality of the organism, but it can also mean missing organs too. So that you can lift the energy obstacle, you have to do hard work.

Sense of hotness: it shows that the vitality is gladly received. The sense of hotness is the most frequent during therapies. The more intensive this feeling is the more the energy is needed.

Sense of sticking: it probably shows that the energy is urgently needed. If during the therapy this place is charged than this sense of sticking will stop too.

Sense of repel: it can be a very deeply rooted energy obstacle or the Reiki is rejected. You have to clarify if the person wants to make himself realize the problem.

Flow: the Reiki is gladly received and continuously flows in the entire body.

Sense of pain: the possible sign of the release of stuck energy, but a blunt pain can mean energy piling up too.

Once more: there are no rules, the things previously written down are only authoritative opinions. Every Reiki therapy is different. The Reiki person and the treated person not necessarily sense in the same way the different manifestations of the energy. Don’t allow to be disturbed! Listen to your hands and intuition, this is authoritative.
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