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The first step towards the ancient metaphysical tradition couldn’t be other that the humbleness of the disciple: because the man is not formed by the technology but by the spirit.

Where should I start?

Since this website was born, more and more people asked how can they be part of the Reiki teachings, where should start they road towards Reiki and themselves.
Here there are a few answers. People come to Reiki courses for different reasons. There are people who want to help others and who want to help themselves, but whatever their inner purpose is, the Reiki comes in proper time to their life.

To start you need two things: the person who wants to walk this road, and the person who helps to get started, that is the master and the disciple.
When the desire is born in us to get acquainted with the spiritual road, there we already have the disciple.
It is easy to learn the Reiki for everyone. You don’t need to have any kind of esoterically notions, you don’t need any meditation, visualizing or breathing exercises, mantras or other particular things to know. All you need is openness and will. Though I said that it is not necessary any kind of fundamental knowledge to learn the Reiki, it is a great help for the disciple and for the teacher to, to know what he wants, what he expects from the course, from the Reiki and if he has other spiritual experiences. In the same time to many informations form obstacles, especially if they are mistaken, because it is hard to cross the prejudices and the obstacles made by ourselves.
When the intention is formed in us and we are prepared, in the proper moment comes the occasion too. It can happen that we discover a poster somewhere, an advertisement in the newspaper or we hear about the next course from an acquaintance. It also can happen that no matter how much we want to be there, we don’t get the chance, different things get in the way of participating. This is the certain sign that it is not yet the time, this is not the course that we have to participate on.

How we find our master?

Concerning a course I find it important that the person who wants to learn to feel good there, that he can accept the master as his leader, that their personality matches, that a relationship of trust can be built between them, that they have what to say to each other.
Because there exists traditional and non-traditional lines too, it is important to know at what kind of course we are participating. (This doesn’t mean that the traditional or non-traditional lines are better or worse. Each one is different, and has things to say for the right person.) I think it is important and I encourage the participants to ask questions. At any time if they have questions, they have to ask them. The master’s job is to answer them. A good master is patient and he is not afraid of the questions.

The Reiki attunemets can be done only by Reiki masters, so it is understandable that the person who wants to learn has to find an initiated master. If we want to start on the traditional line of the Reiki, we should know that the master can trace back their initiation chain till Sensei Usui.

Some questions that help in finding and choosing a master:
  • Is he teaching traditional or non traditional Reiki?
  • Is he practicing the Reiki (is he making treatments on himself or on others) or is he only teaching?
  • Since when is he practicing the Reiki, when he was initiated as a master?
  • Since when is he teaching? (of course everyone has to start somewhere)
  • Of what will we talk during the course? How long will it last? How many attunements will there be? Of what kind of theoretical facts will it be about? Will there be practical teachings?
  • After the course will he be available, if there will be any questions?
  • How long will it take to step to the next level, if I would want to do so?

Generally at the beginning of the courses we get the answer to all these questions. But if we don’t, we can ask freely. We should always listen to our intuition, our inner feelings. This way we can find the master who is the more compatible with our personality. There aren’t two similar masters, though the differences aren’t in the efficiency of the attunemets but in the knowledge. The attunemets are independent from the master – he is a channel for the energy, for the Reiki. In the teachings it is very important the experience and the speaker ability, and the quality of the given informations.

At the same time, in my opinion, you should avoid the masters who say that their Reiki is better, than the others, and the ones who promise miracles in instants (the AIDS, the cancer stops when participating on a course). These people do not understand anything about the Reiki.

Why do we have to pay for the course?

Many times arises the question why do we have to pay for the course, if this is universal energy available for everyone? We don’t have to pay for the energy, but for the master’s time, for the knowledge he gives. In the same time this is a touchstone for determination. Am I willing to spend at least this much on a better, healthier life? Most of the people get a smaller/ bigger nervous breakdown when they hear about money and takes into account the experiences connected to money. Most of our lives revolve around money and it is hard to keep the mental balance.
Money is not something dirty and the spirituality is not opposite to money. In reality if we isolate ourselves of this subject, we isolated ourselves in reality from one part of the Whole, and by this we generate more problems. Money is also a special form of the energy that can be easily used by everyone to get goods and services by it. The problem is our attitude. Many people can’t appreciate what they get for free. A good example is life and health.
Until we are not having any kind of problems, we all these things are obvious. The Reiki is a value, the price of the courses and of the treatments shows this. How much should the Reiki cost? It is hard to say, it is difficult to put a price tag on it, because the people and the situations are different. What means a lot for some people, means nothing for others. What is important that the disciple wants to learn and he uses what he received. After all, it counts only how he uses the Reiki. The Reiki will not give more pleasure in life, nor more harmony, nor health, nor openness, nor wisdom for the one who is not using it. The initiations are only the beginnings, not the arrival.

What happens on the courses?

The content of the courses, with the exception of one main line, is differing from master to master. The attunemets are completed with theoretical and practical teachings.

During the first level, the disciples are acquainted to the meaning of the Reiki, its story. They participate on the attunement ceremonies, and by this they receive the knowledge of the direct (hand lying) energy channelling capacity. The participants acquire the hand positions used during treatments, they get to know the Reiki philosophy, basics, and levels. I always teach a few basic information about energy bodies, the chakras, the mental causes of the illnesses. Everyone has the possibility to experience and share with others the experience of the Reiki channelling.

In appearance, the second level resembles the first level. In this, the attunement is followed by theoretical and practical teachings. After a short repetition of the first level’s material the participants familiarize and learn the three symbols of the Reiki, and the use of these (distance therapy, hall tune on, and so on). There is a possibility for group practice of the distance therapy.
The second level is not proposed and cannot be taught to everyone. This is a question of maturity. I consider important that the participants have experiences in the Reiki road, that they choose Reiki as a spiritual road. It is necessary determination, mental development and the desire to overpass our own barriers.

How can I organize a course?

This is an important question if in your city, or in the near vicinity of the place you live there are no courses organized and you are not willing or you cannot travel to a farther off city. So, if you take on the tasks of organizing a course, you can provide yourself the opportunity to be part of the Reiki wonder.
It is possible that every master has its on expectations, I will try to give you some ideas concerning this (the real conditions can be arranged with your master): firstly you will need two halls. One of it has to be large, where the participants can have enough room, and where the activity of the course is going on. It is recommended that in this lecture hall we have the possibility to practice the Reiki treatments. The second hall is the initiation room. This can be a smaller, closed place were the attunements will take place. The attunement is an experience for a life time, so I consider important that the participant can live this through undisturbed, so it is good that this room to be protected from external noises. The size of the hall differs on the number of the participants, so there can be classrooms, or a private house’s room also. Of course that next to the lecture and the tune on halls it is a requirement to have toilets too.
The second important thing is to agree a date with the master, and the third is to announce the possible participants. What is the ideal number of participants? There are no strict rules for that. The course can be held with one participant too. But in my opinion, it is good to have at least two or three participants, because this way there is a possibility to exchange experiences. I am not thinking especially on the course but on the following period, when, if there are more Reiki practicing, it exists the possibility to exchange experience, and mutual support.

How to prepare for the course?

Try to eliminate every kind of disturbing situations, participate with all your being on the course. Dedicate all your day/ weekend to Reiki. Try to organize your other activities the way that you will not have to run away from the course before it’s over. Dress comfortably and bring a note block so that you can note what you consider important. Prepare consciously for the period of purification, help your organism with proper nutrition, and give up cigarettes, coffee and alcohol (at least during the course).

In conclusion a few good advices, independently from which road you choose:
Listen to your intuition, always be true and open to yourself. Dare to remain cheerful, happy. Do not be afraid to face your barriers, step over your prejudices.
“The original sin is to limit the Is. Don't ”
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