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" In your longing for your giant self lies your goodness: and that longing is in all of you.
But in some of you that longing is a torrent rushing with might to the sea, carrying the secrets of the hillsides and the songs of the forest.
And in others it is a flat stream that loses itself in angles and bends and lingers before it reaches the shore. "

In most people’s life comes the moment, when the person starts to clear up the life, feels the spiritual size of its being, and feels the necessity to share his experience with other people with the same interest. There are people, who want to walk the road lonely, leaning only on themselves. Others feel the necessity to seek for support, for direction and encouragement sometimes from the people surrounding them. Though everyone has to go through his life path all by his own, there is always help, teachers on this road, as we are also help and teacher for others in different moments of our life, sometimes without even being aware of it.
The Reiki is the road of repairing the interior balance, of creating the interior harmony, but it is also the perfect method of taking you closer to the other participants of your life, and to help other to come closer to themselves.

During the Reiki treatment on others it is the best, if we give full therapy, that is we do all the main positions (see Hand positions); in the same time here there aren’t any physical/ physiological barriers, so we can position our palms on parts of the body that we can do with difficulty or can’t do on ourselves (like the back).
A more pleasant way of this pair treatment is when a person is treated not only by one Reiki practising but by more in the same time. When this happens, one treats the head of the receiver and the others work parallel to the body, position themselves from the first part of the body, or the end of the body (when the receiver lays on the belly) advancing from the shoulders to the legs. In group therapy the Reiki flows more intensively, the energy is more active, the effect is stronger.

Though there are no obligatory rules in the Reiki, here are some proposals (it is not intended to be exhaustive) for pair or group therapy:
  • among the persons present the receiver, the treated person has to be the most important. We have to give him the attention, respect and love. We have to put our thoughts, our expectations aside and watch the signals of the person under our hands.
  • we have to remind ourselves, that we are channels for the Reiki – it is important that the receiver lays/sits comfortably, but it is important that consultant(s) sit comfortably too, and they do not disturb the treated person with their movements caused by the uncomfortable posture. Do not lean on the receiver, the palms have to lie easily on the treated person’s body.
  • try to be open to the information flowing towards us. That’s why we should talk only when the receiver claims it and only about what concerns him – health, spiritual problems (I do not consider to be important to talk about the daily menu, or about the neighbour’s new hair style during the Reiki treatment, and so on). If we cannot stand the silence we can listen to relaxing, meditating music. –
  • if we are more than one, the treatment is led by the person who sits at the head. He is the person in whom the treated person trusts, the one who can touch his face. Thus when he changes his hand position, the others change it too. If we feel that we have to stay on that place for more time, then we should stay there till the next change. These coordinated movements suggest a feeling of harmony to the treated person.

Though I could continue with these proposals, I’ll stop here. These were mentioned only to repeat them, to recall them, because on the courses there are mentioned the pair treatment as well as the group treatment, and those present obtain their first experiences in this area.

As continuation I mention a few exercises, that will help us make the time spent on Reiki more varied, even if we do this alone or together with as Reiki practising.

Harmonizing the chakras
Though the Reiki treatments follow the seven main chakras and this way they efficiently balance them, we can treat these energy centres separately too. By harmonizing the chakras we can balance the extra or lack of energy in them.
  1. Place one of your hands to the root chakra, the other to the temple, the third eye chakra. You should lay your hands on these points until you feel the same amount of energy in both of them (e.g. same sense of heat). Then place one of your hands to the throat, the other to the sacred chakra. You hold your hand on them until you feel the same amount of energy in both of them. You harmonize with equalizing the energy in the plexus solar and the heart chakra.
  2. The preceding exercise’s version for three persons: the receiver’s hands are on the plexus solar and heart chakra (if the receiver is not attuned, then his left hand should be on the heart centre, the right hand on the plexus solaris - if he can do Reiki than it has no importance). The two treating persons are on the right and on the left of the treated person. One of them lays his hands on the temple and root chakra, the other on the throat and sacred charkas.
  3. You can also balance the charkas if you put one of your hands to the root chakra, and the other hand is laid from one chakra to the other at a time, balancing them this way. You can do the same exercise with the third eye (temple) chakra too. You put one of your hands to the receiver’s temple, and you treat the other charkas with the other hand.
These exercises serve the tension release, the relaxation, the total recharge, and not the solving of medical problems.

Reiki sandwich
Before anyone misunderstands, this is a shortened Reiki treatment. For this exercise you need a group of three persons. The receiver sits in the middle and the other two participants in front and behind him. One of the bearers starting from the top of the head towards the floor smoothes down the receiver’s aura, than relying on his intuition begins the treatment by putting his hand to different parts of the body. The treatment lasts for 15-20 minutes, and ends with smoothing down the receiver’s aura again. Than they switch places, and from one of the bearer becomes a receiver, and in the end the third participant receives the Reiki treatment too.

Reiki circle
I use this exercise when I see that during courses, clubs or at common programmes at camps the participants are sleepy, tired, softened, they are not totally present mentally. We sit or stand around, showing each other our back. Than we softly, gently give a massage to the person in front of us, than we turn around and massage the other person back too. In the end we lay our palms to the shoulder of the person in front of us and we let the Reiki flow freely in the circle. At such time everyone is a receiver, and a bearer too.

Reiki snake
This is a great exercise that we do when many Reiki practising are present. The persons present are divided in three groups. One of the groups is the receiver group, while the other two the channelling groups. The receivers lie down next to one another, the way that they hold with their right hand the right hand of the person next to them and with their left hand the left hand of the other person (the heads are next to the other person’s leg and so on), and so the line of the hands and shoulders forms a snake. The free hands of the two receivers that lie on the two sides of the “snake” are laid on the plexus solar chakra. From the two groups of bearers one is at the legs of the receivers and the other at the head and they treat them this way. After the 15-20 minutes treatment from one of the bearer groups becomes the receiver group, and they switch places this way and continue the treatment until every participant gets treated. If the number of the participants doesn’t allows the equal division into three groups the remaining one or two persons lie on the sides of the snake, treating the receivers from there. Of course they can’t be left out either from the Reiki flow.

Reiki heart
This exercise is a great opportunity to create a deeper, more intimate relationship. This can be a pleasant pass time activity, a reencounter, if we got father from each other (e.g. argument), but our purpose can be the sharing of love with our partner. To do this exercise you have to sit in front of each other the way that you can place your right hands comfortably to the other person’s heart centre, than place your left hand to your partner’s right hand. Look into each other’s eye for a while, than after 2-3 minutes close your eyes. This way you can live the strong feeling of love and union. You can do this exercise as long as you want to.
You can do this with your children too, you can sit or lie next to each other.

I know that the Reiki exercises are far from over here, but this is beautiful in them. We can always find solutions that make Reiki a more important part of our life. So go for it and have a good Reiki!
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